11 oktober 2016

Bruker introduces the new TRACER 5i handheld XRF spectrometer

Bruker introduces the new TRACER 5i handheld XRF analyzer for advanced applications and research

The new TRACER 5i incorporates a more powerful tube and detector, an automated filter wheel and a manual filter slot, selectable collimation, Bruker’s patented SharpBeamTM optimized geometry, pressure and temperature compensation, an internal VGA CMOS camera, an interactive touchscreen with point-and-shoot capability, and Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition, the TRACER 5i provides added convenience for in-situ use, such as an EasyAccess™ rail mount and the ambidextrous Relaxed Grip Strap™.

The TRACER 5i retains the unique ability to use an air, vacuum or helium beam path and interactive control of the measurement excitation conditions for optimized data collection, especially for light elements, such as sodium.

The new PC software preserves the TRACER’s comprehensive ARTAX™ analytical software features for complex materials, but has a more streamlined workflow, and now incorporates EasyCal™ software to provide simple correlation fits for standard materials.

The new TRACER 5i covers a wide range of applications and materials from everyday point-and-shoot testing to the ever-changing complexities of advanced applications and research. Whether it is in art conservation and archaeology, in teaching applications, in food safety and agriculture applications, in energy or mineral exploration, or in electronics materials research, the TRACER 5i can thoroughly and accurately analyze the elemental composition and identify standard or complex materials.

The TRACER 5i is capable of analyzing a vast range of sample types, including liquids, slurries, powders, soil, sediment, sludge, cellulose, polymers, paper, solids, metals and alloys.